Acknowledged Examination Preparation Organizations and Events

Here is a listing of events and courses related to examination preparation. If your organization has an event you would like to see listed here, click the button and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. The BACB WILL NOT list known "examination dump" or known examination content copyright infringing websites here; candidates should be advsied that use of such sites may result in disciplinary action under 10.03 and 10.04 of the Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts.

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  • Online CE: online CE training.
  • Supervision Training: fulfills all or part of the 8-hour supervisor training requirement.
  • Scheduled: training that happens on a date or range of dates.
  • Ongoing: training that is ongoing.

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Examination Preparation (Not for Continuing Education) Events: Scheduled

BCBA Exam Prep Course
We have 6 years of exam prep experience. Our LIVE, small group, ONLINE course has 11 sessions. All of the content on the 4th ed. task list is reviewed over 6 sessions with 5 more sessions that are just for analyzing over 800 questions. Attend the sessions that meet your needs!
Ace Provider: Marianna Dougherty
07/05/2017 -- 08/10/2017

Online CE

Examination Preparation (Not for Continuing Education) Events: Ongoing

Mock Exam Online Guided Review (live August 13-14)
Ace Provider: ABA Technologies, Inc.

Online CE
CBA Learning Module Series by Behavior Development Solutions--fluency-based online self-study prog.
The CBA Learning Module Series comes with a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, covers the entire Task List, and is estimated to be used by over half of the people who take the BCBA/BCaBA exams. Moreover, it is a required resource by several univ. programs. See testimonials, a free demo, etc. on our web site.
Ace Provider: Behavior Development Solutions

Online CE
The Online Mock Behavior Analysis Exam
The Mock Exam provides students with feedback, which allows individuals to gauge their relative strengths and weaknesses in the 10 Content Areas of the BCBA & BCABA Behavior Analyst Task List -Third Edition Copyright 2005, Behavior Analyst Certification Board
Ace Provider: ABA Technologies, Inc.

Online CE
One-on-one BCBA tutoring and supervision
Online or in person BCBA tutoring and supervision
Ace Provider: Koegel Autism Center

Online CE
Prepare to Pass Scholar Sessions
This self-paced course reviews all areas of the Task List to get you the clarity and confidence you need. You'll also get access to weekly call-in office hours (including test-taking tips and study support) and a supportive online community of peers to help focus your study.
Ace Provider: Global Autism Project

Online CE
ABA practice exam/training
Our training is based on the 4th edition task list outline for the BCBA Exam. It consists of 160 questions, proportional to the BACB content outline. Our exam/training is taken on-line at your convenience. Most importantly, our exam provides detailed explanations of every answer that teach you.
Ace Provider: Behavioranalystsupervisor.com

Online CE
Exam Prep with Siri Ming, BCBA
Join the longest-running exam prep course of its kind, now in its 15th year! Benefit from Siri’s experience coaching and preparing professionals for state and board certification since 1998—this unique class offers both group support and discussion as well as individual feedback.
Ace Provider: Siri Ming

Online CE
Exam Prep and Study Materials
5 Week course with small group sizes and unique study materials. Packages available linked with Behavior Analyst Supervisor Mock Exams and Task List Guide
Ace Provider: Behavioranalystsupervisor.com

Online CE

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