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BACB Disciplinary Actions

The chart below shows all reportable information about the BACB’s history of disciplinary actions. The information reported includes all notices of alleged violation that were processed by the Disciplinary Review Committee. The chart does not include matters that were declined for review (e.g., did not evidence a violation, did not comply with reporting procedures), matters referred to coaching, or those referred to BACB staff for informal feedback.

Sanctions listed below as “Revoked” mean that eligibility status or prior grants of credentials have been denied or repealed. After three years, individuals with revocations may reapply for a credential by demonstrating evidence of rehabilitation of character or correction of the problems leading to revocation. Reinstatement of revocation is in the discretion of the then-existing Disciplinary Review Committee and Board Appeal Committee (if appealed).

Sanctions listed below as “Suspended” mean that eligibility status or current credentials are held in abeyance contingent on (1) the passage of a certain period of time; and/or (2) the completion of additional training, education or supervision; and/or (3) the completion of other contingency imposed by a Disciplinary Review Committee or the BACB Board of Directors.

Sanctions listed below as “Mandatory Supervision” mean that the credential is currently in good standing; however, the Disciplinary Review Committee determined that the individual needs ongoing supervision and feedback to address concerns raised in the Notice of Alleged Violation. When the mandatory supervision goals are met then the Mandatory Supervision publication is removed from the website.

Individuals with revocations and suspensions are strictly prohibited from representing they are credentialed by the BACB during the period of revocation or suspension.

Individuals seeking information about disciplinary actions in the United States may also wish to check the relevant state licensing board for published disciplinary actions.

This chart was Last revised in July 2018
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Year(s) Name
Reportable Sanction
Compliance Code(s) Implicated Former Disciplinary Standard Implicated
Final Action
Date Accessed: July 20, 2018