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The cost of your campaign will be estimated once you have selected your recipient demographics.
Mass Email Service

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Inc.,® ("BACB®") may email certain educational and informational materials to certificants on the BACB's confidential emailing list. Email transmissions may be available to organizations or individuals that wish to provide certain types of information to BACB certificants. Transmissions are available solely at the discretion of the BACB. Any email issued pursuant to this policy shall appear as an official email of the applicant AND MUST NOT appear to be endorsed or generated by the BACB.

BACB certificants have the option to opt out of receiving emails entirely or regarding specific subjects. They also have the option to opt out of receiving emails from intermediary email distribution services (vertical response, mail chimp, etc.) This will affect the number of potential certificants your email may reach.

If the BACB approves your application, we will include the following disclaimer on the materials to be emailed, in a font size comparable to the materials to be emailed:

MANDATORY DISCLAIMER: The Behavior Analyst Certification Board ("BACB") does not sponsor, approve or endorse [name of applicant/organization], the materials, information or sessions identified herein.

Please send any questions to: or call 1-720-438-4321.

Applicant Information

Contact person name:
Organization name:
Telephone number:
Street address:
Brief description of
organization's mission and/or services:

Application Policies

FEE: The cost for an e-mail transmission depends on the percentage of certificants to whom the transmission is sent. This will be estimated for you in the left margin. You may target your transmission to a subset of individuals based on their location or other criteria reported by certificants using the 'Certifiant Locations' and 'Types of Certificants' options below. Fees must be paid before your transmission will be sent.

The total cost for your transmission will be determined by the percent of certificants, as follows:

% of RecipientsFee
90% - 100%$500
80% - 89%$450
70% - 79%$400
60% - 69%$350
50% - 59%$300
40% - 49%$250
30% - 39%$200
20% - 29%$150
10% - 19%$100
5% - 9%$50
2% - 5%$25
For example, if the current total number of certificants is 12,000 and you request your transmission to be sent to individuals in a state with 1,000 certificants, or 8% of the total, then the cost for the blast would be $50.

Fees must be paid before your transmission will be sent.

MESSAGE FORMAT: The BACB will create the email to be sent by copying and pasting the information included in this application. We will make our best effort to ensure that materials appear as you intend. However, we cannot make any guarantees that formatting, images, etc. will translate universally. BACB staff will not do any significant amount of formatting for you. Please use the email message editor on this page to format your message the way you'd like it to appear. If you are pasting formatted text from Word, use the Paste From Word icon at the top of the editor. If the formatting is wrong, use the Paste as Text icon and style your text in the editor.

We cannot send attachments with your message. All information must be included in the body of the email message.

Be certain to pre-test any links provided in your message to ensure that they work and direct the recipient to the page(s) you intend.

A plain-text version of messages will be generated automatically by our emailing service, unless you provide a specific plain-text alternative

Transmission Information

Certificant Locations

Send to Certificants in All Locations
Send to Certificants in Selected Locations

Types of Certificants

Send to All Types of Certificants
Send to Selected Types of Certificants


You may identify a preferred e-mailing date, but the BACB does not provide any warranty, guarantee or assurance that the materials will be sent on the preferred date. Email transmissions are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. The BACB limits the number of transmissions sent per day. Your transmission will be given the next available slot in the queue only after your application, including payment, is complete.

Preferred emailing date:

Type of information to be emailed - check all that apply:

Academic research invitations or surveys
Please note that requests to submit research surveys through the email campaign system will be reviewed at the discretion of the BACB. Considerations will include: the scholarship and professionalism evident in the survey, prior research-committee approval (e.g., IRB), the current frequency of survey requests, the existence of similar or identical survey research, the advice of legal counsel, and the interest of the BACB. Submission decisions are final and may not be appealed. Resubmission of substantially revised requests may be considered.

Continuing education events
Please note that the BACB's consent to e-mail materials related to proposed training or CE offerings does not constitute approval or acceptance of those offerings for purposes of qualifying for BACB CE credit.

Employment opportunities (including consumer requests for services)
Employment-related posts to RBT certificants are not permitted.
You may exclude RBTs using the Types of Certificants box above.

Invitations to join provider networks (insurance or other third-party payers)

Legislative/political initiatives (CEO approval required)

Market research surveys

Publication announcements

Requests for supervision

University coursework offerings

Email address to which replies will be forwarded:

Subject line for the email message: (We recommend a maximum of 40 characters)

Body of email message:

If you would like to use a logo with your email, you may upload it here.
Please ensure your file is png or jpeg/jpg format and no larger than 1000 kilobytes (about 1 megabyte).

Send Follow-up Email

You are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in the proposed email and this application. False or misleading applications or emails may be grounds for sanctioning of certification status. Decisions regarding acceptance of an email request are in the sole discretion of the BACB. The BACB may deny requests for an email transmission for any reason, or none at all. The BACB strictly prohibits the sending of derogatory or inflammatory material(s). If the BACB accepts your application, you will be granted a one-time transmission of the approved materials. In the event that the terms of this agreement are violated by you or any employee or agent of your organization, you agree that the BACB shall be entitled to all remedies available under law, including, court costs, damages and expenses and legal fees. By agreeing below, you affirm that you are of legal age and authorized to enter into this agreement as an individual or on behalf of the organization identified in this application.

I agree to the above.

Title and/or Relationship to the Organization:

In addition to the remedies identified above, the BACB may sanction your certification if the terms of this licensing agreement are violated by you, the applicant organization and any employee or agent of the applicant organization.